Details of Full Contact Poker and PokerStars Merger

As you may now, Full Contact Poker (FCP) has completely shut down their online poker rooms and has merged with PokerStars. This merger means that all players that used to play their poker games at Full Contact Poker can now move their poker accounts to PokerStars and are allowed to play there.

Dan gives poker playing tips in his book and at PokerStarsAlong with this move, poker professional Daniel Negreanu signed a deal to endorse PokerStars. Daniel Negreanu can now be found on PokerStars under the name KidPoker. PokerStars already has a top-notch lineup of professional poker star celebrities that Negreanu will be joining together including Joe Hachem, Dario Minieri, Chris Moneymaker, and Greg Raymer. Joe Hachem, who goes by the name of JoeHachem on PokerStars, was the winner of 2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Dario Minieri took third place in the European Poker Tour event in Baden, Austria in 2006 and at the 2007 World Series he made it into the top 100 players. Dario can be found under the name Dariominieri. Chris Moneymaker, a former accountant who is now known as the godfather of the poker revolution can be found under the username Money800. Greg Raymer, a former patent attorney and a 2004 world championship winner, has a PokerStars username of Fossilman.

“I’ve enjoyed a long personal relationship with the folks at PokerStars since the company’s founding in 2001 and have always felt as though PokerStars fully understood what players wanted,” says Daniel Negreanu. “The organization seems like the perfect fit for me and I’m glad they feel the same way.”

The events that used to be part of Full Contact Poker are now part of the PokerStars family. Negreanu’s Protégé 3, Weekend at Daniel’s events and the weekly Negreanu Open are now offerings that PokerStars gives to it’s players.

“Daniel embodies what poker and PokerStars are all about: enjoying the excitement and the challenge of poker,” says Barry Greenstein, a Team PokerStars member. “Daniel is a true ambassador of the sport and we welcome him as well as all of his players and fans from Full Contact Poker. We know they will enjoy the PokerStars experience.”

This move is a good thing in my eyes. PokerStars has a great setup in their software, the games go fast (if you like fast games), and the graphics aren’t too flashy or too simple. Graphics are like this little chip and you can choose an image to place in there. Pretty easy to see if there’s an empty seat or not at your poker table. Customer service seems to be pretty good too so I have no complaints there.

Daniel Negreanu has some great thoughts and ideas to share on the game of poker. I checked out this video game for the original Xbox called Stacked and he gives some pretty good beginner poker advice and tips on there. Game was alright, nothing special but the videos with Negreanu were good.

So overall, I gotta call this a good thing in general for the online casino world. Daniel Negreanu adds another element to that PokerStars team and can only make their site stronger. Good deal.